Amazing International Borders Between Countries

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Film scenes from Udta Punjab and Bajrangi Bhaijaan showcasing strict “fire-on sight” international borders partitions and border tensions is what one fantasize for international borders. Well, each border doesn’t have those fence, why? you might have to read further to gain the border concept now.

International border doesn’t mean fences, there are borders which are merely divided through a rope or just floor markings. Here are few shocking yet crazy international borders you must see.

1. Netherlands and Belgium

Netherlands and Belgium border

The open border between Netherlands and Belgium shows harmony and peace between two countries. The borders also provide free movements across the partition. Imagine yourself in a an another country with just one step!

2. USA and Mexico

USA and Mexico border

The Mexican area has busy city life, buildings and running traffic. In opposite to this, the American side is just a plain land. There have been news of America opening borders for good transports lately.

Did you know?

The USA and Mexico border was opened for three minutes, in order to make immigrants meet their family, face to face.

3. USA and Canada

USA and Canada border

The open border is a beautiful yet funny example of country division. The border is almost found in the landscape of Canada. Therefore, the beautiful green landscape with residential areas makes the division looks attractive. The funny part is that, the border continues to run and divides a building in two parts. The building came between partition in the town Derby Line in US.

4. India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan border

The political relationship between India and Pakistan is reflected through its partition. Strict security system bounds the borders.

India and Pakistan border

The border places light poles along with it, in order to visually separate the countries. Therefore, this visual separation can also be seen from space.

5. Poland and Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine Borders

Unlike the India Pakistan story of strict separation, there are countries like Poland and Ukraine which dedicated art and creativity to ensure closeness and harmony while sharing the border with each other. The artist Jaroslaw Koziara designed these two fishes, the upper part of fishes is in Poland and lower one in the Ukraine, symbolizing unity and love.

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