14 Things We Have Been Doing All Wrong!

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There are numerous tasks we perform in a day, and with the busy schedules , small things done right pay off. So, here are 14 things we have been doing  all wrong.

Time to Right the Wrong

1. Wiping your face

All of us wipe our faces at least once, well hopefully. However, what we do to wipe it is rub the towel or napkin or tissue. The skin on our face is very sensitive and also more vulnerable to evils like wrinkles. Instead, pat the towel on your face and neck. Also, avoid using the same towel on your body and face. If having a separate towel is too much of a hassle, then keep a tissue box.

Face pat for wiping


2. Holding a tetra pack

Chances are that you have noticed 2 triangular edges folded over the top or on the sides, but ever wondered why so? Holding the pack from it’s body increases the chances of squeezing the pack too hard. The situation is too sticky and can easily be avoided. Open the two flaps on each side and use them to hold the pack!

Tetra pack


3. Earphones

Even if you are finally able to get the perfect sized earphones for your ears, chances are they still keep troubling you by popping out. Enjoy using earphones by just putting them in the right way. Insert them upside down (with the wire towards your head) and coils the wire around your ear.


Image source

4. Drinking from a can

We usually open a can and drink directly from it. However, it can be really harmful. These cans are stored in warehouses for long durations, and are thus in the reach of rats and mice. Putting it straight in your mouth seems like a bad deal. So, use a straw. Oh, and also, the right way is to put the straw through the hole in pop-top. This will prevent the straw from falling due to the fizz.

Straw in a can

Image source

5. Pouring beer

Recently, there has been a buzz about pouring beer the right way. If you have it form the bottle or tilt your glass till the end, it can lead to gastric reactions inside your stomach on having food. This is because the carbon fizz is not released. So, firstly, always pour it in a glass. Secondly, tilt the glass in the beginning and then hold it straight so that beer head (frothy foam on the top) is formed.

How to pour beer


6. Drying your nails

The only trouble with applying nail paint is that it can take long to dry up enough. Till then, you are kind of tied up. You can make this process faster by putting your nails in a bowl of cold water after a minute or two. The water doesn’t wash it off, rather helps it dry up quickly. As long as you don’t put your nails under running water 😉

Dip nails in cold water


7. Packing

Packing for a trip can be tricky, that too if you are not using the conventional suitcase. We tend to fold our clothes and then arrange them. But, try rolling them and then putting them in. This will not only help you save some space, but also make it easier for you to pick put what to wear as there won’t be those layers to go through. Space and time, wow, that’s a deal!

How to pack

Image source

8. Heating or cooling

It can be a task to get all the things fit into that microwave or refrigerator. The best way is to put bowls on different levels by keeping something beneath one of the bowls, like a mug or a tumbler.

Get more inside a microwave

Image source

9. Strawberries and bananas

We usually waste a bit of extra time by chopping the green leaves off it. All you need to do is to insert a straw from the other end and push it in. It will come out with the leaves and it’s done! Next one, is about peeling a banana. We all do it from the top part. However, peeling the banana from the bottom, this means the end which is away from the stem. That is because stem is harder to peel off. Fun fact- monkeys do it the right way! A lot of people got to know about the right way of peeling after observing monkeys 😉

Taking off leaves from strawberries

Image source

10. Drying your hair

Dry hair with cotton T-shirt

Most of us use a towel to dry our hair. A better way is to use an old cotton T-shirt. This might not put a complete stop on hair-fall, but it sure will reduce it. This will also mean that you do not use the same towel on your head and body. Find out more on reducing hair fall!

Image source

11. Peeling garlic

It can take a long time to peel garlic, and don’t even get us started on the smell it can leave on our hands. No matter how many times you wash hands, it is clingy! Don’t worry, next time do this- crush the garlic with your fist to open it, then put the cloves into a bowl and cover it with a lid. Next, shake it vigorously, maybe dance on your favorite tune, and that’s it!

Peel garlic without using hands

12. Breathing

As strange as it might sound, but we do tend to breathe the wrong way. Most often, we focus on our chest while breathing. This means that while exhaling the chest goes in and while inhaling the chest goes out. But, it needs to be from the abdomen, which means the movement should be in the abdomen. This is particularly helpful for deep breathing to reduce stress.Find out more on managing stress!

Breathe through your stomach


13. Storing cosmetics

It’s a common way to store cosmetics with their lid on top. However, by keeping them upside down. This way, you don’t have to worry about squeezing or shaking the bottle to get the contents out. It will be taken care by our friend gravity!

Store cosmetics upside down


14. Throwing away salad and fruit ends

When we use vegetables or fruits like cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges etc, we throw away the ends and the peels. Instead, gently rub them on your face and neck. Why go for those expensive fruit facials, when you can get the benefits of natural nutrients for free?

Cucumber for face

Image source

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