Awesome Life Hacks For Your Phone!

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Life hacks are the most in trend these days, and why not? They are simple, save money and provide a solution for many of our problems. In this post, we will be sharing with you some amazing life hacks for your phone. As a bonus point, these are fun to do things and won’t take much time.

Phone Hacks, All Yours!

1. The Good Old Colgate

Our lives would be so incomplete if it was not for Colgate. Well, so is the case for our phones. Do not worry for a dirty screen guard. Don’t be guilty of being lazy and not getting it changed. All you need to do is to apply some Colgate over it, rub it properly and then clean with a soft cloth. Preferably the cloth that we get with spectacles, yes, the one that spends it’s life away in the case before being thrown away.

Colgate to clean phone

 Image source

2. Want A Stylus For Your Phone?

No matter how old we get, working with a stylus is always fun. You can scribble, write, draw, or simply play tic tac toe with a stylus. For this one, just grab a pencil that is not sharped, wrap foil around of the sides and you are ready! Use the side with foil as a stylus.

Pencil stylus

Image source

3. Be Safe

This life hack will help just in case your phone gets lost and cannot find it’s way back home. Set your lock screen wallpaper with your name and alternate contact number. If an honest person finds it, she/he can then return it to you without worrying about the lock.

Safe lock screen

Image source

4. Oh, What A Night Lamp

Fill a transparent container with water or any liquid for that matter. Download an app with disco lights and put these on. Now place your phone beneath the container, the side with the lights facing the bottom of the container. Try it out with different colours and different liquids.

Phone light in the bowl

Image source

5. No Speakers?

Aah, this is a constant struggle. There are times when we want to sing our favourite song at the top of our voices or just dance to the latest tune. But, of course, at such times either we don’t have a speaker or it is not charged. Simply place your phone inside an empty glass or container, so that the phone’s speakers are inside. It cannot beat your speakers, but it can definitely work for the moment.

Phone in glass

Image source

These are some fun life hacks for your phone. Look out here as we hack deeper into life 😉

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