Have A Look At All The Gadgets That Smartphones Replaced!

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The advent of technology has definitely made our lives easier. Especially the devices smartphones replaced. Never before a single device had the capability of doing so many different functions. But with smartphones, you have literally everything. Be it a camera, your books or newspapers, music players, alarm clocks, flashlights and your internet. You can shop, book tickets, book cabs, find restaurants, read news and what not using your smartphones.

But, what we have failed to notice is all the gadgets smartphones replaced. Check them out!


Smartphones replaced cameras!

Smartphones replaced the need of lugging a huge digital camera to every outing you go to. Although smartphone cameras have a long way to go before they match up to the picture quality digital cameras have to offer. But we all prefer our carrying our phones around to click pictures instead of those huge DSLRs.

MP3 Players

The old Mp3 players replaced by smartphones

To the good old days, when everyone used to carry around an MP3 Player in their pockets listening to their favorite tracks. But, now we all would look at that person weirdly, won’t we? Smartphones easily store our wide music collection which is more accessible as compared to MP3 Players.

Road Maps

GPS instead of road maps

The idea of carrying a road map around everywhere you go, makes you want to drop the plan of going anywhere. Moreover, the GPS devices and apps on your smartphones literally give you the street view and tell you about the traffic. I mean how can road maps ever top that!

Daily Newspaper

News apps instead of newspapers

Although some of us would never find anything more satisfying than the feel of newspapers in our hands in the morning. However, rest of us love the idea of getting all the latest updates at the tip of our fingers. And that too, seconds after they occur!

Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks replaced by smartphones!

You can set alarms on your phones every minute or so. Moreover, you would never throw your smartphones across the room when it annoys the hell out of you. Your smartphones are the best way to wake you up now, aren’t they?

Traditional Landline Phones

Smartphones replaced traditional landline phones

Last, but not the least. How can we forget the traditional landline phones? They made you remember all the phone numbers and you would never know who is calling you. Sounds like torture now, doesn’t it?

So. there you go! All the things that smartphones have made us forget. Let us know about your favourite gadget that smartphones replaced in the comments section!

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