The New iPhone, Most Expensive Phone In History With Never Seen Before Features

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These are the last few days of August, which means the apple’s iPhone event is just around the corner. Apple launches its iPhone in September. Hence, the month September is a great deal for all the tech fans and especially the iPhone lovers out there. The iPhone 8is rumoured to be launched on 12 September 2017.

Pricing: have you saved enough?

i phone 8 expected design


Iphone 8 is expected to come with new features,  iPhone 8 pricing will start from $999 –  $350. But you are not relieved here, the iphone 8 will loosen your pocket around 1200 US dollars, excluding all the taxes.

what’s new in iPhone 8?


wireless charging


Wireless charging

I phone 8 is expected to come with a charging which needs no wires. The signal catching technology will make the iPhone wire free for such uses. There have been a futuristic approach for the wireless chargers as well, which is that the public charging ports will be introduced once the technology goes viral.

Humongous storage


the iPhones come with a great storage. Comparing it with its previous version, apple iPhone 7 was launched with a lesser storage. It was less than the coming up i phone 8. Making it up to the level, the so much awaited iPhone 8 will be running with a storag of  64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

I phone 8 storage vs previous i phone storage


new features

If we stroll back in the last year, the iPhone was provided with almost half the expected storage of i phone 8. It was 32GB as the starting storage point in iPhones.

Other never seen features


The i phone 8 is going to spread a hype in the market, keeping all tech phones behind in the race. Therefore, It has new and never seen features with better water proofing, no home button, a 3D sensing front and rear camera, wireless charging. It seems this phone will play the tech game well.

While the iPhone 8 talks only dance on the media screens, nothing official has been announced from Apple. But, the phones can go on pre-order within the same week on the launch, and be made available within seven days of the phone launch.




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