Nikon just launched world’s 1st 105mm f/1.4 autofocus lens, and the whole world is going crazy for it!

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Camera and photography are just like painting and paintbrush. Former defines the later. In a similar way, a camera is the essence of photography. It is often called as the ‘eye’ or ‘perception’ of the photographer because it’s how he or she sees the world.

Let’s face it; no matter how many selfies we take through our iPhone or xphone or zphone, nothing can beat a picture clicked using a DSLR; the clarity, the details, the colors, just awesome! Merely holding a DSLR makes you feel like a professional photographer ready to re-capture this beautiful world, isn’t it?

To talk about the current scenario, Nikon has stunned us with its new addition to the progeny of camera lenses. Nikon recently launched AF-S NIKKOR 105MM F/1.4E ED, which, according to the company, is world first ever camera with 105 mm focal length and a 1.4 autofocus aperture. AF-S NIKKOR 105MM F/1.4E ED is all set to hit the buyer’s market in August 2016, the exact date of release is yet to be declared.

Let’s check out the unique features AF-S NIKKOR 105MM F/1.4E ED is endowed with:

  1. The lens is designed on three extra-low dispersion elements to prevent chromatic aberration.
  2. To reduce ghosting and flare, the lens is provided with a nano crystal coat.
  3. To add further, it is furnished with an electromagnetic aperture mechanism entitling stable auto control exposure.
  4. The camera lens also has a provision to prevent dust, water, grease and dirt from entering; it has a sturdy fluorine coat in front and rear lens’s surface.

AF-S NIKKOR 105MM F/1.4E ED hasn’t even touched the market yet and the company has produced 100 million lenses already. We bet the Nikon guys are quite confident of their newborn baby, but it’s the buyers that will give the final verdict. Well, for now, all we now is that the camera looks awesome and we can barely wait for it to enter the consumer market.



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