5 Gadgets To ‘Smartize’ Your Home

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Do you love your home and spend a lot of time at home, then this is a call for us to jazz up our homes. White washing, lighting, renovating your house is alright, but there are some things which you must have in your home to make your home smarter, livelier and happier. Here is a collection of gadgets or smart gadgets as they call it, that you can install in your home by yourself in no time.

Reos Lite, available for Rs. 1699

Reos Lite is a LED and wireless app-controller. Just install the bulb and get the app. Once you do so, you can connect your phone with it via Bluetooth and do cool things like switch between different colours, adjust brightness, set a schedule or timer using your phone.

Oakter, starts from Rs. 4750

Oakter lets you control lights, fans, water heaters, air conditioners and much more, from anywhere. The hub of this device connects to your Wi-Fi router and controls the leaf, which is a smart plug that can be switched on and off using the app. The good news is that it comes pre-configured, so all you have to do is get the app and sign in.

Godrej Eagle I Smart, starts from Rs. 4499

Godrej Eagle I Smart is literally the smartest way to manage the security of your home with negligible efforts. Godrej comes with an easy DIY functionality. All you need to do is plug the main unit into a wall socket, keep the peripherals wireless and battery powered while doing so. Options include a motion sensor, door/window sensor, smoke detector and glass break sensor.

Noke Locks, available for Rs. 5199

It is a lock brought especially for you from 2050, because it has no key and no combination or rather say it doesn’t require a key or a combination. It has coin battery that lasts 1 year, Bluetooth and connects to an app on your authentication device. Tap the button and it will unlock!

MI Air Purifier 2, available for Rs. 9999

MI Air Purifier 2 delivers all the promises it claims (Why? Because it is smart!). It has Wi-Fi enabled, and it can be remotely controlled through the app. Whenever it is time to change the air filter, it even notifies you on your phone. It really is smart then!

Did we just make your home smarter? Do you want to thank us? That’s what the comment box is for! Just kidding! Let us know your feedbacks and suggestion in the comment box below. Happy Diwali to you and your family from BuyersGoHappy team!

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