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I am yet to find someone who would say no to paying less for a product than the listed price. For us Indians, haggling is a proud negotiation skill which is a part of almost every financial transaction we do. Coupons & extra cashback websites make this immemorial tradition even sweeter. Imagine, receiving impressive discounts from the online retailers and on top of that getting handsome cashback from a Discount coupons & extra cashback website! Surprisingly, a lot of people aren’t aware or not bothered about such offers and end up paying more than they have to.

Today, online shopping has surpassed traditional shopping in almost every area and with the advent of smartphones, m-commerce has made online shopping an undisputed winner. As businesses realised the power of online shopping and changing customer behaviour, many big brands & retailers started to give appreciable discounts on their products so as to attract more customers and fend against the competition. Eventually, both the customers as well as the online retailers reaped the benefits of this highly successful promotional strategy.

Online discount coupons from retailers such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon India, etc. come in two different forms: flat rate coupons and percentage coupons. Flat rate coupons will deduct a specific amount from the listed price of the product and percentage coupons will discount a particular percentage off the price. Though both are used fairly regularly, percentage coupons are quite helpful when you are purchasing expensive products (but, that’s simple logic!). In the similar way, cashback offers can also take form of either, flat rate or percentage.

So now let’s get to the most important part: how does a coupons & extra cashback website work? The process is quite simple and fast. Let’s take the example of to understand the process. Create an account on the website and start browsing through the numerous coupons available there from 350+ retailers. Once you have found an offer to your liking, click on the ‘Get Coupon’ tab and you’ll get redirected to the retailer’s website. Shop as usual there using the promotional code on the website itself and once you make a purchase there, within 72 hours the cashback amount will be added to your account (will show pending till the retailer authenticates the transaction). As soon as we get the confirmation, the cashback amount shows the status confirmed. Once this confirmed cashback amount is more than Rs. 200, it can be transferred to your bank account for free.

This saving may not look significant if you see a transaction in isolation; but, when you combine your savings from various transactions, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result. Also, you’ll get information about all the hottest deals from several retailers under one roof. Make it a habit to shop smartly online and you’ll be thrilled with the saving power of these discount coupons and promotional codes.

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